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Workshop Charts

Workshop Charts
Product Code : WS
Brand Name : Dbios
Product Description

Dbios Unique Workshop Engineering charts are ready in stock with international size 20x26" . However, customised size can be printed for your Engineering labs . These charts are useful in Engineering, Technical, Polytechnic  Colleges and universities through out India.These charts are as per AICTE syllabus. You can download the complete catalogue from our DOWNLOAD section top right after filling the form




S-1 Personal Protection

S-3 Hazchem Symbols

S-5 Fire Preventions

S-7 Precautions in Workshop

S-9 Safety on a Drilling Machine

S-11 Safety on Shaper Machine

S-13 Safety on Surface Grinder

S-15 Safety in Carpentry

S-17 Safety in Foundry

WS 35 Marking Tools in Carpentry

WS 37 Types of Saws

WS 39 Types of Planes

WS 41 Holding Tools in Carpentry

WS 43 Carpentry Joints-I

WS 45 Types of Patterns

WS 61 Hacksaws

WS 63 Holding Tools (Types of Vice)

WS 65 Cutting Tools (Chisels)

WS 67 Taps and Dies

WS 69 Pipe Fittings

S-2 First Aid Materials

S-4 Ergonomics

S-6 Machine Handling Safety Measures

S-8 Safety on a Fitting Bench

S-10 Safety on Lathe Machine

S-12 Safety on Milling Machine

S-14 Safety in Press Work

S-16 Safety in Sheet Metal Work

S-18 Safety in Welding

WS 36 Measuring Tools in Carpentry

WS 38 Types of Chisels

WS 40 Braces in Carpentry

WS 42 Hand Tools used in Carpentry

WS 44 Carpentry Joints-II

WS 51 Vernier caliper

WS 62 Wrenches

WS 64 Striking Tools (Hammer)

WS 66 Types of Files

WS 68 Reamers

---------- Air craft Safety Charts Pg No. 10

WS 70 Methods of Filling

WS 72 Forging Tools

WS 16 Blacksmith’s Tongs

WS 18 Blacksmith’s Hand tools (Chisel & Swages)

WS 20 Blacksmith’s Welds

WS 22 Flatter and Set Hammer

WS 24 Heat Treatment of Metals

WS 71 Hand Tools Used in Fitting shop

WS 15 Blacksmith’s Hammers

WS 17 Blacksmith’s Appliances

WS 19 Blacksmith’s Hand tools (Fullers, Punching & Drift)

WS 21 Hand Forging Operations

WS 23 Punches and Drifting



WS 80 Sheet Metal Tools-I

WS 82 SWG Chart

WS 84 Types of Joints

WS 86 Banding Machine

WS 88 Sheet Metal Process

WS 90 Blanking & Piercing Dies

WS 92 Drawing Die

WS 100 Cupola Furnace

WS 102 Electric Arc Furnace

WS 104 Foundry Hand tools-II

WS 106 Centrifugal Casting Methods

WS 108 Oil Fired Furnace

WS 110 Sand Muller

WS 81 Sheet Metal Tools-II

WS 83 Types of Snips

WS 85 Shearing Machine

WS 87 Rolling Machine

WS 89 Hand Tools

WS 91 Progressive Die

WS 93 Combination Die Set

WS 101 Blast Furnace

WS 103 Foundry Hand tools-I

WS 105 Centrifugal casting

WS 107 Molding Boxes

WS 109 Magnetic Separator

WS 111 Sieve Shaker


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