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Physiology Medical Charts

Physiology Medical Charts
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Brand Name : Dbios
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Dbios Unique Medical Physiological / Physiology charts are ready in stock with international size 20x26" . However, customised size can be printed for your medical labs . These charts are useful in Ayurveda , Homeopathy and medical Colleges and universities through out India.These charts are as per MCI syllabus. You can download the complete catalogue from our DOWNLOAD section top right after filling the form.

Our physiology charts contain information on the following topics:


PH 1. The cell membrane

PH 2. Membrane transport 

PH 5. Ionic Equilibria and Resting membrane Potential 

PH 6. Action Potential 

PH 7. Conduction Velocity 

PH 8. Signal Transduction NEUROPHYSIOLOGY  

PH 9. Organization of the brain: Cerebrum 

PH 10. Organization of the brain: Cell Types 

PH 11. Blood - brain barrier 

PH 12. Synaptic transmission: Morphology of Synapses 

PH 13. Synaptic transmission: Neuromuscular Junction 

PH 14. Synaptic transmission: Visceral Efferent Endings 

PH 15. Synaptic transmission: Inhibitory Mechanisms 

PH 16. Synaptic transmission: Chemical Synaptic Transmission 

PH 17. Synaptic transmission PH 18. Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) 

PH 19. Cerebrospinal fluid (CFT) PH 20. Spinal cord: Ventral Rami 

PH 21. Spinal cord: Membranes and Nerve Roots 

PH 22. Peripheral nervous system 

PH 23. Autonomic nervous system: Schema

PH 24. Autonomic nervous system: Cholinergic and Adrenergic Synapses 

PH 25. Hypothalamus 

PH 26. Limbic system 

PH 27. The cerebral cortex 

PH 28. Descending motor pathways 

PH 29. Cerebellum: Afferent Pathways 

PH 30. Cerebellum: Efferent Pathways 

PH 31. Cutaneous sensory receptors 

PH 32. Cutaneous receptors: Pacinian Corpuscle 

PH 33. Proprioception and reflex pathways (In 2 charts) 

PH 35. Sensory pathways 

PH 38. Visual system: Receptors 

PH 39. Visual system: Visual Pathway 

PH 40. Auditory system: Cochlea 

PH 41. Auditory system: Pathways 

PH 42. Vestibular system: Receptors 

PH 43. Vestibular system: Vestibulospinal Tracts 

PH 44. Gustatory (taste) system: Receptors 

PH 45. Gustatory (taste) system: Pathways 

PH 46. Olfactory system: Receptors 

PH 47. Olfactory system: Pathway MUSCLE PHYSIOLOGY 

PH 48. Skeletal muscle: Organization 

PH 49. Skeletal muscle: Sarcoplasmic Reticulum 

PH 50. Skeletal muscle: Excitation-Contraction Coupling (In 3 charts) 

PH 53. Skeletal muscle: Length-Tension Relationship 

PH 54. Cardiac muscle: Structure 

PH 55. Smooth muscle: Excitation-Contraction Coupling (In 2 charts) 


PH 57. Overview of the Cardiovascular system 

PH 58. Body Fluid Compartments 

PH 59. Structure of the Heart 

PH 60. Conduction System of the Heart 

PH 61. Electrical Activity of the Heart 

PH 62. Electrocardiogram (In 3 charts) 

PH 65. Cardiac Cycle 

PH 66. Cardiac Output: Pressure-Volume Loop 

PH 67. Cardiac Output: Function Curves 

PH 68. Coronary circulation 

PH 69. Hemodynamics 

PH 70. Arterial Pressure 

PH 71. Control of arteriolar tone 

PH 72. Microcirculation 

PH 73. Circulation to special regions 

PH 74. Monitoring of Blood pressure 

PH 75. Short-Term Regulation of Blood Pressure 

PH 76. Long-Term Regulation of Blood Pressure 

PH 77. Response of Exercise 

PH 78. Fetal circulation RESPIRATORY PHYSIOLOGY 

PH 79. Lungs 

PH 80. Airway structure: Trachea and Major Bronchi 

and many more ..........................


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