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Food & Nutrition Charts

Food & Nutrition Charts
Food & Nutrition Charts
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Brand Name : Dbios
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Dbios Unique Food & Nutrition  charts are ready in stock with international size 20x26" . However, customised size can be printed for your Medical labs . These charts are useful in Medical,. You can download the complete catalogue from our DOWNLOAD section top right after filling the form

9776 Risk of obesity.

9779 Weight Control.

9894 Keys to Healthy Eating.

CH1352. Daily allowance of Vitamins (Infants, Children, Adolescent, Men, Women).

CH 1352A Recommended Dietary allowances For Indians.

CH1353. Daily Allowance of Nutrients.

CH 1353A Some Nutrient-rich Foods-I.

CH 1353 B Some Nutrient-rich Foods-II.

CH 1353C Some Nutrient-rich Foods-III.

CH1354. Balance Diet for Preschool Children (1 to 6years).

CH 1354a Balanced Diet For Adult Man (Sedentary).

CH 1354B Balanced Diet for Adults - (Sedentary).

CH 1354C Approximate Calorific Value Of Nuts, Salads And Fruits.

CH 1354G Approximate Calorific Value Of Some Cooked Preparations.

CH 1354D Vegetables And Fruits With High Calorie Value (>100 kcal).

CH 1355. Balance Diet for School Children (7 to 18 years).

CH1356. Balance Diet for Normal Pregnant ( Lactating Women).

CH 1356A Portion Sizes And Menu Plan

CH1357. Balance Diet for old people (over 60 years)

CH1358. Height weight Table for Normal Adults (Man & Women)

CH1359. Reducing diets & weight maintenance diet for Adults.

CH1360. Nutritive Value of Common Indian Recipes.

CH 1360A Sample Meal Plan For Adult Man (Sedentary).

CH 1360B Sample Meal Plan For Adult Woman (Sedentary).

CH 1361. Recipes for Balance diets for Preschool Children/ Pregnant & Nursing Women.

CH1362. High & Low Calorie diets for Adults.

CH1363. Diet for diabetic of Varying Ages with Normal Body weight. (Male & Female)

CH1364. Diet & Daily menu for an adult suffering from High Blood Pressure.

CH1365. Diet & Daily menu for an adult suffering from Renal Calculi.

CH1366. Diet & Daily menu for an adult suffering from Chronic Gout.

CH 1367. Diet & Daily menu for an adult suffering from high Fever.

CH 1368. Diet & Daily menu for an adult suffering from Constipation.

CH 1370. Fibers

CH1370A Vitamins Sources & Deficience

CH 1371. Fats

CH1372. Proteins

CH 1373. Minerals

CH 1374. Carbohydrates

CH 1375 Importance Of Diet During Different Stages of Life

CH 1377 Exercise And Physical Activity

CH 1378 Energy Costs Of Physical Activities

CH 1382 Drinking Water Standards

CH 1383 WHO New Growth Standards Standard Deviation

CH 1384 B.M.I. Anthropometric Standards


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