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CPR Mannequin Half body

CPR Mannequin Half body
CPR Mannequin Half body
Product Code : IMP, JP & Dbios
Brand Name : Dbios
Product Description

Dbios Unique Nursing  model are ready in . However. You can download the complete catalogue from our DOWNLOAD section top right after filling

Dbios-022 Nursing Manikin + CPR with monitor

with interchangeable male & female chest , male/female interchangeable organs &breast cancers for breast examination, Venipuncture, injection, blood transfusion (Arm)


Dbios-0020 Full Functional Neonatal Nursing Manikin + CPR


IMP 102 A Five Year CPR and Trauma Care Simulator


Dbios-022 Nursing Manikin + CPR with monitor


IMP 115 B CPR Simon BLS

· Totally disposable airways for hygiene.

· Fully articulated head, neck, and jaw permitting

head/tilt, chin lift, jaw thrust, and neck extension into the

"sniffing" position.

· Airway blocked when head is forward.

· Easily accessible chest cavity with ribcage, lungs, and

heart for realism and practice of the Heimlich maneuver.

· Realistic chest rise.

· Carotid and femoral arterial pulse points.

· Eye open and close; one pupil is dilated.

· Instrumented for Code Blue/CPR Link which monitor

the cadence and depth of cardiac compression and


IMP-115A Multi purpose simulator Full body with CPR, Gynae, Airway MGMT.& Breast Examination


Dbios-0030 Half Body CPR Training CombinationWITH AED

Dbios-0031 Basic CPR Training Model (Half Body)

IMP 116B Economy CPR Adult Manikin

IMP 130 Little Juniorâ„¢ CPR Manikin(Child)


Adult Airway Management & CPR Trainer ½ Body

Dbios-0070 Maternal and Neonatal Childbirth Emergency Training System with CPR

1. Realistic anatomical structure of the puerpera with flexible limbs, and supports lithotomy position.

2. Removable abdominal cover, fetus for delivery comes with flexible limbs and supports all kinds of fetal positions.

3. Fetal heart sounds can be auscultated at the belly.

4. Supports prenatal Leopold maneuver to check fetal positions.

5. Auto delivery system, simulates the whole process of childbirth, and the fetal head descending position and dilation of cervical or can be measured during childbirth.

6. Supports puerpera tracheal intubation.

7. Puerpera’s arm supports venepuncture and allows drug therapy.

8. Puerpera nursing care, including basic nursing, hair and face washing. oxygen inhalation and oral cavity care, etc.

9. Cervical modules supports prenatal cervical examination and simulate 6 stages of cervical dilation.

10 Simulates all kinds of dystocia, e.g.: placenta previa, prooapse of cord, cord around neck, breech delivery.

11. Episiotomy modules include left incision, median incision and right incision; allow postoperative wound care for perineotom.

12. Uterus, 48 hours after delivery, can simulate postpartum uterus bleeding.

13. Emergency and vital signs monitoring: Manually simulates carotid pulse, supports BPmeasurement and CPR Training.

14. Neonatal emergency nursing manikin supports neonatal care,

neonatal CPpuncture, etc.


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