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Childbirth charts

Childbirth charts
Childbirth charts
Product Code : NB
Brand Name : Dbios
Product Description

Dbios Unique Childbirth  charts are ready in stock with international size 20x26" . However, customised size can be printed for your Medical labs . These charts are useful in Medical,. You can download the complete catalogue from our DOWNLOAD section top right after filling the form

Normal Newborn appearance

NB 1 Quiet Alert state & Family Bonding

NB 2 Vernix & Cyanotic Hands and Feet

NB 3 Molded Hand & Unmolded Head

NB 4 Puffy Face & cephalhematoma

NB 5 Milia & Sucking Bister

NB 6 Dry, Peeling skin & Cradle Cap

NB 7 General Rash & Swollen Breast Tissue

NB 8 Swollen Labia and Discharge & Swollen Scrotum

NB 9 Cross-Eyed Appearance, “Stork Bites” & Mongolian spots

NB 10 Lanugo Hair, Vacuum Extractor “cap” & Forceps Mark

Normal Procedures

NB 11 Suctioning, ID Band & Foot printing

NB 12 Temperature Monitoring, Mom’s Chest & Heat Regulation

NB 13 Breast feeding & Bottle Feeding

NB 14 Eye Medication, Vitamin K Injection & Heel Stick Check for jaundice

NB 15Weighing & Measuring

NB 16 Sponge Bath & Shampoo

NB 17 Cord Clamping and Care, After one Day & Diapering

NB 18 Swadding & Sleeping on Back

Circumcision Procedures

NB 19 Foreskin Intact, Foreskin Circumcised & Infant Being Restrained

NB 20 Plastibell Circumcision & Gomco Circumcision

Newborn Reflexes

NB 21 Rooting Reflex & Moro Reflex

NB 22 Grasp Reflex & Tonic Neck Reflex

NB 23Waling Reflex, Babinski Toe Reflex & Planter Toe Reflex


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