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Chemistry Charts

Chemistry Charts
Chemistry Charts
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Brand Name : Dbios
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Dbios Unique Chemistry charts are ready in stock with international size 30”x40”. However, customised size can be printed for your Engineering   labs . These charts are useful in Engineer ,. You can download the complete catalogue from our DOWNLOAD section top right after filling the form




CH 877 Periodic Tables of theElements

CH 877A Jumbo Periodic Table (48"x60")

CH 877B Mendeleev Periodic Table

CH 877C Characteristics of Periodic Table

CH 939 First Aid in Laboratory

CH 940 Laboratory Safety Measures

CH 941 Techniques Used in Laboratory

CH 878 Shapes of atomic Orbitals

CH 879 Relative Energies of Orbitals

CH 880 Formation of Molecularorbitals

CH 881 Geometry of Molecules - I

CH 882 Geometry of Molecules - II

CH 886 Structure of Ionic Solids

CH 872 Types of Crystal Structure

CH 888 3D Arrangement in Solids

CH 907 Types of Cells

CH 930 Lattice Defects

CH 932 Michaelis Menten Equation

CH 938 Radioactivity

CH 877 Periodic Tables of the Elements

CH 909 Separation of Substances

CH 915 Liquefaction of Gases

CH 1060 Structure of Atom

CH 868 Atomic Reactor

CH 869 Nuclear Fission & Fusion




CH 883 Hybridisation

CH 884 Orbital Structure of Benzene

CH 885 Confirmation in Hydrocarbons

CH 889 Structural Isomerism Part - I

CH 890 Structural Isomerism Part - II

CH 891 Stereoisomerism Part -I

CH 892 Stereoisomerism Part -II

CH 897 Refining of Petroleum

CH 926 Preparation of CH , C H & 4 2 4

C H 2 2

CH 934 Chromatography

CH 893 Estimation of Nitrogen

CH 894 Determination of Molecular Mass

CH 898 Preparation of Oxygen

CH 899 Preparation of Hydrogen

CH 900 Preparation of Nitric Acid

CH 901 Manufacture of Ammonia

CH 902 Manufacture of Sulphuric Acid

CH 903 Preparation of Carbon Dioxide

CH 904 Preparation of Hydro chloric Acid

CH 905 Extraction of Aluminium

CH 906 Extraction of Copper

CH 912 Oxidation & Reduction

CH 920 Extraction of Iron

CH 923 Distillation

CH 924 Soap Manufacturing

CH 927 Principle of Extraction

CH 936

CH 937 Electrolysis

CH 942 Chemical Bonding

CH 943 Manufacturing of Cement

CH 945 Organo-metallic Compounds

CH 946 Chemical Analysis of food


CH 947 Manufacturing of Glass

CH 948 Manufacturing of NaOH

CH 917 Synthetic Polymers

CH 918 Natural & Synthetic Rubbers

CH 929 Corrosion

CH 935 Synthetic Dyes

CH 951 Ph a s e d i a g r am o f o n e component system

CH 952 Phase diagram of two component system

CH 953 Boiler Problems

CH 954 Softening of water

CH 955 Desalination of water

CH 956 Corrosion control

CH 957 Types of Mechanism of Corrosion

CH 958 Physical Properties of Lubricants

CH 959 Chemical Properties of Lubricants

CH 960 Polimer Composites

CH 961 Titrimetric Methods of Analysis

CH 962 Determination of Alkalinity of Water

CH 963 Determination of Hardness by EDTA Method

CH 964 Determination of Viscosity by Red Wood Viscometer

CH 965 Determination of Flash point by Pensky Martin’s Apparatus

CH 966 Preperation of Urea Formaldhyde Resin

CH 967 Prepation of Phenol Formaldhyde Resin

CH 970 Treatment of water for domestic use.

CH 971 Types of Machanism of Corrosion

CH 972 Types of Electrochemical Corrosion

CH 973 Mechanism of Lubrication

CHEM 01 Allotropes of Carbon

CHEM 02 Mole Concept


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