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Biology Charts

Biology Charts
Biology Charts
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Dbios Unique Biology charts are ready in stock with international size 30x40" . However, customised size can be printed for your Medical labs . These charts are useful in Medical,. You can download the complete catalogue from our DOWNLOAD section top right after filling the form


CH 02 Plant Cell Wall

CH 03 Endoplasmic Reticulum

CH 04 Mitochondria

CH 05 Golgi Complex

CH 06 Chloroplast

CH 07 Nucleus

CH 08 The Chromosome

CH 08 A Gene Map - Male

CH 08B Gene Map - Female

CH 09 Protein Synthesis

CH 10 D.N.A.

CH 11 R.N.A.

CH 12 Centrioles , Flagella & Cilia

CH 1127 Enzymes

CH 13A Ribosomes & Lysosomes


CH 15 Monohybrid Crossing-Incomplete Dominance

CH 16 Dihybrid Crossing

CH 17 Monohybrid Crossing

CH 18 Mendelian Explanation Garden Pea-Complete Dominance

CH 19 Sex linked inheritance in Drosophila

CH 20 Codominance (Coat. Colaur in Andalusian fool)

CH 22A Mutations & Choromosomal Aberrations

CH 22B Linkage & Crossing Over

CH 283 Analogous Organs: Plants

CH 284 Homologous Organs: Plants

CH 285 Analogous Organs: Animals

CH 286 Homologous Organs: Animals

CH 287 Pedigree Analysis: Rolling Tongue

CH 288 Pedigree Analysis: Blood Group

CH 289 Pedigree Analysis: Color Blindness

CH 290 Pedigree Analysis: Widow's Peak


CH 23 Cardiovascular Disease

CH 24 Malaria

CH 25 Tuberculosis

CH 26 Cholera

CH 27 Typhoid

CH 28 Dysentry

CH 29 Diarrhoea

CH 30 Filariasis (Ring Worm)

CH 31 Leprosy

CH 32 Pathogenic Protozoa

CH 33 Entamoeba (Life Cycle)

CH 34 Acquired Immuno Deficieny Syndrome (AIDS)

CH 35 Enterobius vermicularis (Pinworm)

CH 36 Malarial Parasite Life History(Plasmodium vivax)

CH 37 Ascaris lumbricoides Life History

CH 38 Fasciola hepatica (Liver Fluke)

CH 39 Ancylostoma duodenale (Hookworm)L.C.

CH 40 Deficiency Diseases

CH 40A Goitre

CH 40B Scurvy

CH 40C Night Blindness

CH 40D Rickets

CH 40E Kwashiorkar

CH 41 Vectors of Human Diseases

CH 42 Colour Blindness & Hemophilia

CH 43 Prevention of Diseases

CH 43A L.H. Leishmania & Tryposoma


CH 44 Balanced Diet

CH 44A Vitamins

CH 44B Weight for Height.

New Personal Safety Chart


CH 56 Ozone Layer

CH 57 Green House Effect

CH 58 Seasons

CH 59 Biogas Plant

CH 60 Water Cycle

CH 61 Nitrogen Cycle

CH 62 Carbon Cycle

CH 63 Oxygen Cycle

CH 64 Environmental Pollution

CH 65 Food Web

CH 66 Food Chain

CH 67 Land Pollution

CH 68 Phosphorous Cycle

CH 69 Sulphur Cycle

CH 152 Hydrophytic Plants

CH 154 Xerophytic Plants

CH 154A Xerophytic Animals

CH 154B Aquatic Animals

CH 155 Mesophytic plants

CH 156 Epiphytic plants

CH 156A Orchid plants

CH 157 Insectivorous plants

CH 157A Drossera

CH 157B Nepenthes

CH 158 Fossil Plants

CH 158A Rhynia

CH 291 Hydosere

CH 292 Xerosere

CH 294 Adaptation : Plant & Animal


CH 45 Plant Respiration

CH 46 Plant Transpiration

CH 47 Plant Osmosis & Root Pressure

CH 47A Plasmolysis & Diffusion

CH 48 Photosynthesis - Light Reaction

CH 49 Photosynthesis - Dark Reaction

CH 50 Glycolysis

CH 51 Krebs Cycle

CH 55 Photosynthesis

CH 282 Emasculation, Bagging & Tagging


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