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Anatomy Model

Anatomy Model
Product Code : AM
Brand Name : Dbios
Product Description

Anatomical model one of the best in India, You can download the complete list from DOWNLOAD SECTION after filling your details. 

Anatomy & Rare Micro-Anatomy Models made from Glass Fibre - Unbreakable material washable, again paintable. We are pleased to offer this collection of models which have played an important role in medical education. These models are designed to function as reference material to help you increase your knowledge about Human Anatomy.

IMP 2 Human Body Muscles with Internal organs

AM1   Model of Man or Woman Life Size : 160CM Showing superficial dissection on one side. And other side intact. 

IMP 289 Micro Anatomy Muscle Fibre 23.5x26x18.5 cm.;1.1kg.

AM2   Human Torso with Head life size torso

AM3   Human Torso with Head life size Sexless Height 90 cms.

AM4 Head & Neck (Median Section) : Made of fiber glass, mounted on base.

AM5   Head and Neck dissectable:in two parts in L.S. showing superficial dissetionon one side and other intact.

AM6   Brain with Skull

AM7   Human Brain in 4 Parts - This  4-part brain is sectioned in half; the right side divides into cerebral lobe and medulla with AM8   Brain in 8 parts in cavity 

 AM9   Midsagittal Section through the brain extra large showing all details

 AM10  Structure of Cerebellum :A Superior View,An Interior View,A Sagittal View

 AM11  Sagittal Section of the Medulla Oblongata and Pons Showing the Cranial Nerve Nuclei of Gray Matter.

 AM12  The Autonomic Nervous System: showing relationship of different organs to the spinal cord. 

 AM13   Human Nervous System half the natural size schematic presentation of the central and peripheral system.

 AM14   Visual Central Nervous System Pathways. (Superior View).

 AM14 (a)   Neuron Model Imported.

 AM15   Spinal Cork with Spinal Nerves.

AM16   Human Eye in Socket vertical section:dissectable in 7 parts.

 AM19   Muscular Eye with Orbit - Enlarged about 4-times, Size: 10"x13"x9.1/2" 

 AM20   Ear Large Size showing External, Middle and Inner Ear Dissectable in four parts.

 AM21   Ear Sagittal Section extra large and detailed model

 AM22   Ear six time enlarged made from Venyl Rubber.  (Natural look.)

 AM24   Teeth with tongue.

 AM23   Tonsils : Pharyngeal, Palatine & Lingual Tonsils.

 AM25   Upper and Lower Jaw 


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